Monday, July 23, 2012

The Story of Us Layout

Left Side

Right Side

I wanted to show what I did with the layouts from the first Make & Take on Thursday at Convention. I was a helper for that particular one and had my layouts finished with photos. Many of you asked if that was my daughter and I said  "no, my brother and his family. My niece is the bride."

These pictures and what I did with them tell a story.

Last Saturday, the last day of convention, my brother lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Two days later, the Groom's mother passed away. A year ago, the grooms son died. All three of these people are in this layout. Because of the deaths in that family, I decided to frame the layouts and present it to them at the after funeral dinner.

I changed the color of the roses to yellow since those were in the brides flowers. I LOVE Un-Du. It easily took the pink roses off with no damage. I also added lots of pearly swirls to make it look more like wedding pictures. I also removed the flip flaps and put the photos right on the layout.
I wish I could have found 13" x 13" instead of the 12 x 12. It would have framed it much nicer. But, these were all I could find on such short notice. Actually, I would have loved to have found a 12 x 24. That would have framed up much better then two separate frames.


Casandra Bennett said...

What a sad story, but you chose to reflect on a beautiful moment in time when all of these people were present in their lives. I'm sure your gift was very appreciated. May God comfort all of you during this most difficult time.

Krista Hershberger ---- Krista's Crafty with CTMH said...

What a beautiful memory for them to keep forever! I love what you did with the pages and how you made it more elegant! May you feel the prayers to Jesus carrying you through this difficult time!

Hugs :)

Krista Hershberger ---- Krista's Crafty with CTMH said...

What a beautiful memory that they will keep forever! I love how you changed up this orginal page, and made it so elegant! May you feel Jesus holding you up during this difficult time!! Hugs!!!