Sunday, April 28, 2013

Country Born



I'm finally trying to get caught up with my blog posts. I had surgery on my shoulder a few days ago and haven't been able to do much. Great Pain Meds!!!

The stamp set used is Country Born.
The paper pack is Buzz and Bumble

Here is a card I made and taught for the Spring Fling that my friend Joyce had last Saturday. It is called the Diamond Fold Card. It's quite simple to make. Unfortunately, I only have one arm and can"t make a photo tutorial for you right now.
You start with a 4" x 12" piece of CS.
Score at 2" and 10".
Mark the center at 6" top and bottom, on the back side, with a tint pencil mark.
The rest is just an Origami fold. Fold the right side down at the pencil mark. The edge should also line up with the bottom pencil mark.
Fold the left side at this same pencil mark.
Open fold and turn paper 180 °. Then fold the same way at that pencil mark.
Make sure folds are crisp.
Open up all folds and using your thumbs and forefingers, press in around the diamond shape on one side and press the point. Then do the other side.
Use my photo as a guide.

The belly band was just something extra
I added to this card. It's not needed but I liked the finished project.

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