Monday, July 4, 2011

Studio J - Mya and Jeffrey

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful
4th of July weekend.

Last week I took some time to work on my Studio J Layouts. If you're strapped for time like I am, this is the absolute best way to tell the story of your life.
I haven't been creating lately. Too many things I'm trying to get finished before leaving On Sunday Fot the CTMH Convention at Disney Land. So, I'll be posting some of my layouts instead of cards.

I take care of my two fabulous grandchildren while their Mommy & Daddy work and what a pleasure this is for me. To make it even better, I can sit outside with them while they play, my camera always ready to snap the greatest pictures, and at the same time, I was working on these layouts. You can click on the pictures to capture all the details of the embellishments.

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