Friday, June 22, 2012

Mya's 1st Birthday - Studio J layout #3

Here is the 3rd of 5 layouts I completed for the CTMH convention. Making this digital layout really blew my mind. It uses the Mischief paper pack which is Halloween paper. Do you see anything there resembling Halloween? You can change any of the papers to any of our 60 colors to completely change the look to what you need for your pictures. I've changed so much on this layout, I don't even remember what the original looked like when I started. The cupcake papers are made from a piece of candy with the twisty end. I had to change the colors of papers to match my photos. I thought I was finished but I ended up changing the colors because of that darn red & blue high chair.

Did you know that you can put a text box over any color of paper and it lightens up your papers. That's because, unless you change the background, it is like putting a piece of vellum over it. I did this on mine. I wanted blue because of the high chair but it was just too dark so I covered it.
There was too much white to suit me so I put in some B&T paper and changed the color to petal. Then I added some scallop stitching and added red brads inside of each scallop.
I took one of the black frames and turned it into a rug under my table.
The cherries are brads and the stems are staples!!!

I absolutely love Studio J Digital scrapbooking. I can get as creative as I want or have time for and no matter if I keep it simple, or add lots of goodies, it ends up looking good either way. 

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Nancy Ball said...

Very nice layouts, Nancy. Will I get to see you at convention...maybe you should come and find me this time!